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Why NGP ETP Invested in LevelTen Energy

In August 2021, NGP ETP led the $35 million Series C financing of LevelTen Energy (“LevelTen”). We need to remove development bottlenecks, build five times more wind and solar energy every year Wind and solar are now the lowest-cost new power source for two-thirds of the global population.[1] In 2020, wind and solar represented ~85% of global additions of power generating capacity;[2] however, to reach net-zero by 2050, annual capacity additions need to be at least five times higher than


Why NGP ETP Invested in Via Separations

In October 2021, NGP ETP led the $38 million Series B financing in Via Separations (“Via”). In the US, roughly 15% of energy is consumed by industrial separation processes, roughly the same amount of energy as all the gasoline used for transportation.[1] While there is a path to reducing transport emissions by switching from gas to electric (with batteries charged from renewable energy), the transition from low-efficiency thermal separation (using heat for evaporation, distillation, and drying) does not have a


Why NGP ETP Invested in Element Markets

In February 2022, NGP ETP participated in the financing of the combination of Element Markets and Bluesource, creating one of the largest decarbonization platforms in North America. Governments and Companies Commit to Net Zero Emissions, but Proven Technologies Only Address 25% of the Problem.  Today, countries representing 92% of global emissions and 93% of global GDP have made some form of a net zero emissions commitment[1]. Similarly, large groups of investors and corporations worldwide have pledged to eliminate the carbon