For over 15 years, NGP ETP has invested in leading companies across the energy transition value chain, including wind and solar projects, biofuels, energy storage, electric vehicles, energy efficiency, power electronics and environmental services, among other areas. NGP ETP is actively pursuing new investments in our focus areas. If you have a compelling business opportunity in one of these areas we invite you to get in touch with us today at

NGP ETP III Investments

The above represent investments made by NGP ETP III.  NGP ETP III is a portfolio company of NGP Natural Resources XII, LP, a private equity fund managed by NGP.

NGP ETP I & NGP ETP II Investments

NGP has invested in energy technology and renewables since 2005 through its partnership with Philip Deutch and the separately registered investment advisor, Energy Technology Partners, LLC (“Energy Technology Partners”). NGP ETP I and NGP ETP II are private equity funds managed by Energy Technology Partners.